Supply Chain Resources

Supply Chain Resources


Payment and Invoicing
Innovation Systems
Lynn Engbrecht 952-351-2607
All Other Sectors
Accounts Payable Inquiry

Aerospace Systems:
Chris Darden 310-332-0861
Mission Systems:
Kay Jerard 703-556-2279
Technology Services:
Donna Taylor 337-421-2175
Innovation Systems:
Robyn Seaton 952-351-3047
Alicia Sandello 310-332-0727

Supplier Quality Inquiries

Supply Chain Leadership
Visit: GSC Leadership Webpage


June Wilson 757-746-7646
Ariba Customer Service

General Questions to Supply Chain (regarding webpages, broken links, etc.)


Payment and Invoicing Questions

Visit: Payment/Invoicing Webpage

Exostar Certificate Information or Help

Exostar Customer Service – (703) 793-7800, Press 4, then Press 6

Technical Help, Password Resets

Northrop Grumman Help Desk – (855) 737-8364, Press 2, then Press 1

Access to Password Protected Areas of Oasis and (all other questions)

Contact your Northrop Grumman Subcontract Administrator or Procurement Representative