Doing Business with Innovation Systems

Doing Business with Innovation Systems


We strive to make Innovation Systems's products and systems the most reliable and affordable in the industry and our suppliers are an essential link in our value chain.  We rely on our suppliers to provide a range of products and services from highly engineered subsystems and assemblies to commodity metals and consumables. Our success is highly dependent upon the efforts and contributions of our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to deliver value to us and our customers by providing Innovation Systems with the highest quality products delivered on time and at the best value.

Becoming a Supplier

Innovation Systems partners with suppliers with proven capabilities and commitment to mutually agreed technical, quality, cost, schedule, and contractual requirements. Our Supply Chain Management Organization is chartered with finding suppliers where there is a mutual benefit for products and technologies.  To become a supplier requires a sound value proposition, compliance with federal contracting requirements if applicable, a documented quality management system, and proven capabilities.

Supplier Inquiry Information Form

Doing Business with Innovation Systems

We believe strongly that critical processes and product characteristics must be controlled statistically so that we can produce repeatable products and systems that consistently meet or exceed requirements at reduced cost. We expect our suppliers to contribute to this commitment by practicing lean six sigma continual improvement philosophies that enable both Innovation Systems and our suppliers to continually improve our quality, schedule, and costs. It is not hard to understand why late deliveries or products that fail to meet Innovation Systems quality requirements result in higher costs; not only to Innovation Systems and our customers, but also our suppliers. Late deliveries result in extra expense to the supplier for rework product and expedited costs for both companies. Most importantly, late deliveries may result in lost revenues to our customers, and potential loss of business for Innovation Systems, and ultimately, our suppliers. The goal is simple: provide solutions to our customers which result in the lowest total lifecycle cost.

Ethics and Business Conduct

Terms & Conditions

Working together, we can improve today's performance and gain a competitive advantage for tomorrow's business. It's a winning combination. One way that we can improve today's performance is through efficient exchange of information and tools, such as forms, procedures, quality assurance provisions, terms and conditions, and other Innovation Systems documentation.

Effective January 2, 2019, Innovation Systems has harmonized to a standard set of Procurement Terms and Conditions across all Northrop Grumman that apply for all purchase orders and RFQ's.

OASIS Terms and Conditions

In addition to the Terms and Conditions linked to this page, please find the archived versions of heritage Orbital ATK terms and NGIS Terms by selecting the link below:

Additional location specific business information is available by selecting the link below:

Location Specific Supplier Documentation (heritage Orbital ATK)

If you have any questions, please contact your Innovation Systems Supply Chain representative.

Quality Requirements

We expect our suppliers to build in quality through rigorous analytical, design and production processes. Suppliers' quality systems must stress defect prevention rather than defect detection. Historical data shows that the long-term cost for defect prevention is far lower than detection events that occur later in the value stream. Innovation Systems's products and systems have a reputation for being affordable and reliable, due in part to our rigorous efforts at continuous improvement. We expect suppliers to impose these same high standards to their products as well.


Innovation Systems has established a Supplier Performance Management Program (SPMP) methodology to manage our suppliers.  Key elements of this program include:

  • A methodology and nomenclature for supplier segmentation
  • A tiered approach to assessing suppliers based upon supplier segmentation and risk
  • Continuous improvement and innovation with the strategic supply base
  • A consistent message to suppliers regarding performance expectations and objectives
  • A standardized Supplier Performance Rating System (SPRS) that will serve as the foundation to measure supplier performance using three key performance indicators (KPIs):  on-time delivery, supplier quality, and supplier financial risk.

Supplier Diversity

Innovation Systems embraces supplier diversity and maintains programs to seek diverse suppliers, as well as,   nurture our relationships with those suppliers, while actively responding to the socioeconomic needs of our communities and customers. Innovation Systems actively pursues opportunities to assist diversity companies in becoming qualified so they have the ability to win business, and the potential of  becoming a long-term supplier.

Regulatory Information


Innovation Systems is firmly committed to conducting our operations ethically and in compliance with all the laws and regulations that govern our business.  From a supply chain management perspective, compliance to public laws, FAR, DFAR, NASA and other federal agency acquisition regulations is imperative for both our organization and our supplies and includes all aspects of supply chain management including procurement, subcontracting, government property management, and material management and accounting.  Successful compliance requires the implementation of a comprehensive management control system and adherence to established best practices.

Supplier Cyber Security Assessments

Innovation Systems has developed a Supplier Cyber Security Assessment process designed to provide a baseline of designated suppliers' current cybersecurity posture and provide insight to suppliers' commitment to protecting Innovation Systems's and our customers' sensitive information. The Cyber Security questionnaire is aligned with industry standards and results will be evaluated as part of a comprehensive supplier risk management process.

Documents to be provided to designated suppliers:

Innovation Systems Supplier Cyber Security Assessment – Instructional Material
Describes the assessment process, why it is needed, how the process should work, and who is responsible.

Innovation Systems Supplier Cyber Security Assessment Questionnaire Example
Questions the supplier needs to complete for Innovation Systems to properly assess security posture and compliance with DFARS clause (NIST 800-171).

Innovation Systems Summary Document of DFARS_FAR and NARA Rule Updates
Summary of Innovation Systems's interpretation of these rules.

Cyber Resources